Man becomes an instant legend, catches a phone while it falls from the pocket of a man on a rollercoaster.

An incident in Catalonia, Spain has provided the internet a thrill of provoking goosebumps based on a sensational reflex action.

A man, Samuel Kempf, who lives in New Zealand, showed off his lightning-quick reflexes when he caught a stranger’s phone while riding a roller coaster in Spain as per a report.

Samuel visited PortAventura World theme park and rode the Shambhala roller coaster last month. An on-ride camera captured the moment Kempf caught the camera while riding the 80-mph coaster.

Kempf told 1NewsNow he returned the phone to the owner when the ride was over. “He couldn’t believe it, he gave me a big hug,” Kempf said.

The news went around, attracting various applauses and appreciation for the man for his quick action.


Mary Deshazo

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