Mark Zuckerberg believes Oculus Quest will be one of the most important contributions made to the way technology is used.

Oculus all-in-one VR console started shipping in May after around 5 years of acquisition of Oculus VR. The wireless VR with a head-mounted display and dual hand controllers provides access to a number of VR’s most popular gamers kike Superhot and Best Saber. 

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has also made a significant comment on the Oculus Quest the complete document to which can be found on Zuckerberg’s official Facebook page

Mark addressed the audience and acknowledged the successful start to the shipping of their first all-in-one VR headset. The company coordinators are looking forward to getting themselves started on the selling of the VR since it has received great appreciation from a varied range of customers. They are glad that they were able to deliver services, rather an experience, that people keep using week after week and are purchasing more content.

Mark further states that there is a lot of work still remaining to develop this ecosystem in the future and deliver the dream VR and AR sets. The leap has been huge since the initial Origin Rift was worth $600 which also required tethering connection with a $1000 PC but now all in one VR has been priced at $400 which cuts the cost by four times the initial. The quality that has evolved is not only superior but is also innovative in many ways.

What made the address even more practical is that the reason stated as to why the augmented reality and virtual reality delivered better quality in a qualitative ground is because they provided a sense of presence which makes you feel that you are with someone else at one place or another and completely changes your visual and auditory perception. 

The sense of presence is an important social aspect of our survival and interactions are likewise important where we tend to communicate as humans. This significant remark made by Mark was indeed practical and unquestionably right in the sense that isolation in today ‘s world is depressing and the social interaction is crucial to the mental as well as emotional harmony of an individual.

Mark continued to acknowledge the fact that it took them longer than expected to deliver the product on a predicted scale. However, he believed that it will be one of the most important contributions that the team has made towards the way people use technology over the long term.


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