Niantic is pulling out Field Trip, its first ever app

Much before Ingress, Pokémon GO, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, there was Field Trip. And guess what Niantic is shutting down its one of the first application, the Field Trip.

The Field Trip, published by Niantic Labs initially went live in September 2012, back when Niantic was still part of Google. Field Trip was removed from the Play Store earlier this year, but the app will stop working entirely soon.

Niantic reported in a blog article,

We announce today that Field Trip is going to shut down operation earlier this year.


Field Trip was their mission’s oldest demonstration in many respects like exploring the globe, making new buddies, and getting out and exercising.

As you all know the company has been keeping the app running since 2012, even after the separated from Google. Now, though, his initial design is prepared to wind down. The group will shut down the facilities of Field Trip in 2019 to “prioritize” their attempts on feelings of augmented reality.

The applications have entered their corresponding shops already.

If you still use Field Trip and don’t want to use the alternatives, don’t need to get worried. While at this stage Niantic did not commit to anything, nothing is yet confirmed. It suggested that at some point in the future there might be a “reimagined variant” of the app. This is not so much the beginning of the non-gaming days of Niantic as a recognition that the requirements for the applications of the company have altered.


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