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The World’s First AI Simulator is more accurate than it is Designed to be.

The Origin of the Universe cannot be tracked down physically by traveling back through millions of years. The only way to have an idea regarding the same is through simulator modeling. The processes that we know about Earth or the Universe is used to recreate an impact analyzing phase of the evolution of the Universe.

When we talk about simulators, there are two types of it, one is the Slow and accurate simulator and the other one is Fast and less accurate simulator. Scientists have recently used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop a simulator which is super fast in its performance and models out things that it should not have known since the data parameters have not been taught to it. Not only fast, but the AI simulator is also more accurate with less error than the creators have made it.

The AI simulator deconstructs the existing model of the universe by reversing the known phenomenon such as Gravitation. The model has the capability of taking us back to billions of years with just a change in the data parameter. Surprisingly, this is not exactly what the Simulator has been taught to reproduce rather it is several hundred times more. 

“It’s like teaching image recognition software with lots of pictures of cats and dogs, but then it’s able to recognize elephants,” researcher Shirley Ho said in a press release. “Nobody knows how it does this, and it’s a great mystery to be solved.”

Named as the Deep Density Displacement Model (D3M), by the Scientists, in a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they talk about how they have created it.

The motif was to teach the AI simulator to model the way Gravity shapes the Universe. The system was given in 8000 different simulations that were initially developed by existing Universe stimulators. After training the D³M, it was expected to release the simulation after 300 hours. To the greatest surprise, D³M shaped the model of a 3-dimensional universe of about 600 million light years in just 30 milliseconds. 

Another remarkable feature is its accuracy which surpasses that of every existing simulator even when the data entered by the Scientists are tweaked. Say for instance, if the percentage of dark matter is changed, the simulation shows how the evolution might have occurred in the first place. 

Where the scientists and Physicists are better understanding the Universe, the computer scientists are learning about this unique aspect of AI. 


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