Samsung Galaxy 10 gives a strong fightback to iPhone 11

Samsung is close to launching Galaxy Note 10 and the company leaves no unturned stones to make sure that Galaxy Note 10 is the best flagship money it can buy.

Samsung plans to leave the front earpiece in favor of the Sound on Display technology, according to a tweet by renowned Samsung insider Ice Universe. The Sound on Display tech is not new, but for a Samsung phone, it will be the first. With Samsung heading for Sound on Display technology and a selfie punch hole camera, one of the first systems without a top bezel could be seen.

So far, most of the rumors surrounding the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have talked about how they will be arranged rather than what the actual lenses are and what they can do. But a couple of latest leaks give you specific information that you should pay attention to.

And since the iPhone 11 should be upgraded to a significant camera — and the Pixel 4 is around the corner — it’s critical that Samsung step up its camera game.

The second portion of the news comes from a trusted Ice Age Samsung drug. New account tweet claims China’s Samsung engineers say a three-phase variable camera will open the comment 10. IU also offers f-numbers for visible photographs: F1.5, F1.8, and F2.4.

A two-stage grid (F1.5 and F2.4) has already been used by Samsung for a 12 MP sensor. This is the primary camera that can be found in the phone series of the Galaxy S9 and S10, and it takes exceptional pictures that we discovered. Complementing the third stage feels like a sensible choice after two years to use the same technology and make the camera even more versatile by providing extra control over how light the sensor will hit in a specified scenario.

Combine this with the rumors with ultra-wide, photos and earlier mentioned TOF detectors for which Note 10 should be written, and for every occasion, you will have a smartphone with a lens. Who understands, may even be able to take over smartphone cameras such as the Huawei P30 Pro.

Look no further than our frequently updated Galaxy Note 10 Voice Chat page to get you to speed up all the recent requirements and leaks before the announcement of August 7.


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